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General Assembly

The General Assembly or Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the yearly meeting where members of the association come together to discuss matters related to the organisation and perform their duties such as electing board members and discharge the existing board.

General Assembly 2022

The next general assembly of KDE e.V. takes place at the Vertex building at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain on Monday 3rd of October at 10am.

All members of KDE e.V. are invited to attend the general assembly.

See the agenda for what is planned to happen at the general assembly.

If you are not able to participate in the general assembly in person you can, according to section 6.6 of the articles of association of the KDE e.V., ask another member to act as proxy for you and execute your voting right. Fill out the proxy form, sign it and make sure that it's available to the chairperson of the general assembly on the day of the assembly if you make use of this option. Each active member can act as proxy for up to two other active members.

Please print out the proxy form, fill it in then scan it. This should then be emailed to your proxy and the board.

If you aren't executing your voting rights personally or through a proxy for two consecutive general assemblies your membership status will be changed from active to passive, according to section 4.2 of the articles of association. Passive and supporting members have the right to attend the general assembly, but they have no voting rights.

The general assembly will be held at Akademy. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting event.

Protocol of the AGM

The official notes of the AGM are taken by the AGM-note-taker and deposited (in German) with KDE e.V. and the authorities. Some years have English translations. You can find the notes of past AGMs on the reports page.